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Wonton Party

Fei Ewald


For my Singaporean-American family, wontons are a traditional food that we have modified to our tastes and circumstances over the years. One thing that will never change is that we always prepare the dumplings together and, of course, eat together! The woven wonton skins mirror the pattern on the surface of the porcelain bowl my family uses for the dumpling filling. This echo of memory, symbol, and ritual discusses the continued importance of tradition; even diluted to its most basic form there is power in the simple act of gathering together. This piece seeks to preserve the consumable as a container of tangible connections. Woven using the double weave pickup technique, it was originally presented as an interactive performance where viewers were invited to learn to fold a wonton. The bowl was filled with their completed pieces.


2018; Hand dyed cotton, recycled yarn scraps, porcelain bowl
Dimensions variable, Flat woven skins 4"x4" each

An individual folded wonton priced at $160

Fabric sample of wonton at $45

Wishing wontons pre-order

Zelle: Fei Ewald, 213-448-8873.

Artist Bio

Fei Ewald (she/they) is a Singaporean-American artist creating with anything she can get her hands on, literally. Working through grief and loss, she learned to entangle memories with the tangible world by weaving, printmaking, and painting. While her practice still invokes the past, her present focus is sharing the joy of working with accessible, everyday materials. feivoritethings.com

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